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MPG New technologies aim to take shock out of treating irregular hearts
4 August 2011 Interview: Nature Medicine
MPG Schonender fuers Herz
17 July 2011

Interview: Hessisch/
Niedersaechsische Allgemeine

MPG Schonendere Alternative zum Defibrillator
15 July 2011 Interview: Goettinger Tageblatt
MPG Small electric jolts reset heart rhythm in animals
15 July 2011 Interview: Voice of America
MPG Sanfter Schubs fuers Herz
14 July 2011 Interview: Bild der Wissenschaft
MPG Vorhofflimmern: Schonend zurueck in den Takt
14 July 2011 Interview: Pharmazeutische Zeitung
MPG A softer shock
14 July 2011 Interview: Nature Podcast
MPG A LEAP in controlling cardiac fibrillation
14 July 2011 Press release: Nature 475, 235-239 (2011).

Press release by Max-Planck-Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization and University Medical Center Goettingen

Press release of UMG in German

14 July 2011 Press, Medias, Institutional Website
MPG New method defibrillate heart with less electricity, and pain
13 July 2011 Interview: Cornell Cronicle
MPG Gentler defibrillator ueses way less energy
13 July 2011 Interview: Smart Planet
MPG Una técnica más efectiva para la desfibrilación cardiac
13 July 2011 Interview: SINC
MPG Kinder, gentler defibrillator uses multiple small jolts,-gentler-defibrillator
13 July 2011 Interview: Scientific American
MPG Low-energy pulses mean safer heart defibrillation
13 July 2011 Interview: New Scientist
MPG A less shocking way to reset a broken heart
13 July 2011 Interview: Science
MPG A kinder, gentler defibrillator
13 July 2011 Interview: Nature News

Cardiovascular Research Funding: Recipients of the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme (Circulation, AHA)

28 June 2011 Press, Medias
UGLAS Comparison of action potential recordings from intact rabbit myocardium using multiphoton confocal microscopy. Poster presentation by Allen Kelly
7 March 2011 Press release

Press release by University of Bern
Full article in German
Full article in English

5 January 2011 Press, Medias, Institutional Website
UMG-GOE Press release by University Medical Center Goettingen
Full article in German only
5 January 2011 Press, Medias, Institutional Website
UGLAS Press release by University of Glasgow (read more p. 10)
Newsletter UGLAS
10 Juni 2010 Institutional website, Medias
UNIPD The future of research in the EU: role and expectations of the <35 27 May 2010 Belluno, Italy
UMG-GOE Inauguration of Heart Research Center Goettingen
Full article in German only
3 May 2010 Public Press Media, Institutional Website
UMCU Grant for research into cardiac arrhythmias
Full article in Dutch only
30 November 2009 Institutional website, Press media
UMG-GOE Press release by University Medical Center Goettingen
Full article in German only
14 October 2009 Press, Medias, Institutional Website